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Club Code of Conduct

The Doveton Eagles F.C has implemented a Code Of Conduct and Racial & Religious Tolerance policy that all Players, Members and Supporters will abide by at all times.

Any Players, Members or Supporters that do not adhere to these policies will be subject to disciplinary action. The Doveton Eagles F.C will not tolerate any disrespectful acts that brings the club into disrepute. To ensure the integrity of the club's standing in the S.F.L and the wider community these measures will be enforced without exception.

The Doveton Eagles F.C is a family oriented club with multicultural diversity. It does not tolerate any racial vilification and religious prejudice nor verbal or physical abuse towards umpires, opposition players, spectators and supporters.

Please click on the links below to download PDF versions of these policies:

Code Of Conduct Policy (pdf - 143kb)

Racial And Religious Tolerance Policy (pdf - 186kb)